Who we are

We’ve been dealing with premium estates for the past decade internationally. During this time, we’ve collected a great understanding of the real estate market and got to know all of our cities.

Our main clientele are expatriates from around the world, who intend to rent properties in our network cities: Budapest, Vienna, Bratislava and Prague.


When a new co-worker comes to the country, it’s usually HR’s job to take care of their housing. We know it’s not that easy: housing someone from abroad has a lot of difficult steps.
So why not leave it to professionals?

Getting to know our client’s needs

When it comes to finding a new home, there are a lot of factors to consider – even if it’s
temporary. Which school are the kids going to attend? Where are the tenants’ workplaces? Do
they prefer the pulse of the city or the chill of the outer districts?

Our home search questionnaire covers all of these!

Orientation services

Moving to a new city makes you feel like a stranger. We take pride in not only finding our clients a home, but also make them feel at home there.

In these tours we show them everything they might need nearby from the shopping area to the nearest doctor’s office, so at the end of the day they are going to feel like they lived here their whole lives.

Personalised home tours

After figuring out the client’s needs, we spare no patience when it comes to matching them with the most convenient property. We make a list of all of our estates that meet their needs from our extensive database, and then show them personally each one they like, so they can make the perfect choice.

Optimizing the budget

We know the worth of all of our estates, thus negotiating the best price with the owner is easy for us. We make the whole process transparent for the HR and the tenant as well, but they do not need to bother with the details – it’s all on us!

A contract that meets company standards

Again, experience: we’ve written thousands of rental contracts through the years, each looking after our clients’ interests. We make sure that everything is legally correct, and we are background checking each property in the Land Registry. Knowing that bureaucracy can be a drag at all times, we’ll even take care of the address registration for you!

Handover of the property

We’ve found our client the perfect home, we made them feel like a local, we’ve made them sign a beneficial contract, and now there is only one thing left…

Handing them over their new home!

We make a detailed inventory of everything in the property, from the utility meters to every last piece of furniture – this document will protect both the tenant and the owner!


We want to make sure everyone is satisfied with our services, so we will check up ont he tenant from time to time to make sure they got what they wanted. Content customers are key to our position as market leaders!

AT HOME Introduction

Introduction video for our Luxury Real Estate Network operating in Central- and Eastern-Europe.


Viktoria tirelessly took us all over the hills of Buda to visit properties and managed the logistics seamlessly. She was prepared, professional, and very effective.

At Home has professionally managed the home search of many staff members in Hungary. We are completely satisfied with their high level of Real Estate services.

I’d like to thank you for your support especially for the quick business understanding of your colleague Ms. Alice, she immediately got the point after the first meeting.

Pleased customers are what help us grow, so we take great joy in clients expressing their satisfaction.

Place your trust in us, then share your experience!

Our skills

Our experienced agents offer a bundle that is hard to top.

We spare no time training ourselves to be the very best, and these virtues are the ones we think grant our outstanding position ont he international market.

Local market knowledge 95%
professionalism 98%
multilingualism 93%
Transparency 100%

Meet the team


Managing director of At Home Network


Managing director of At Home Budapest


Director of the Sales Department


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